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The beaches of the island have black sand, deep waters and rocks in various shades ranging from black to white or red. The sea is a deep blue color. The most accessible ones are equipped with deckchairs, umbrellas, sunbeds, various services, entertainment and water sports (banana boating, windsurfing, jet ski, diving, etc.)
Aura Marina Apartments are situated very near to the area of the best beaches.

Perissa / Perivolos
On the south side of the island, in the shadow of the Prophet Elias Monastery and Ancient Thera, at the foot of the mountain lie the sandy beaches of Perissa and Perivolos. Black sand, traditional taverns, noisy clubs and easy beach bars set the scenery.
In both Perissa and Perivolos you will find sunbeds, umbrellas and water sports. During the summer months, there is regular bus service to Fira, while to get there from Aura Marina with a car or scooter will not take you more than 10 minutes.
Kamari on the east coast is a sandy beach and hosts hundreds of swimmers, characterized by a beautiful beachfront walkway to shops, restaurants, bars, taverns. The waters are deep and clear. Regular bus service to and from Fira, while to get there from Aura Marina with a car or scooter will take you 25 minutes.
Just north of Kamari, on the east coast, lies the beach of Monolithos. Here at the long sandy stretch, there is tranquility and serenity, but with basic amenities. Particularly suitable for families with children, as the seabed deepens gradually. Many games and activities as well as deck chairs, umbrellas and taverns. To get there from Aura Marina with a car or scooter will take you 25 minutes.
Red BeachIn Akrotiri close to the excavation, there is also the famous Red Beach. The beach is a mixture of black sand and reddish-brown rocks. You can rent umbrellas and sunbeds. Very suggestive of its location and color. Only a few minutes drive from Aura Marina to the coast of Akrotiri and then a few minutes walk to get to the beach or a few minutes boat ride.
Amoudi The beach and rocky coast, which is located in the northwestern part of Santorini is a small picturesque bay with crystal clear waters. It lies about 200 meters below Oia and it’s linked to it with almost 300 steps or the road. Here there are a few taverns that specialize in seafood. The beach also serves as a harbor for small boats sailing to the nearby island of Thirassia. To get there from Aura Marina with a car or scooter will take you 35 minutes.
ColumboLocated in the northeastern part of the island, Columbo is a secluded beach near Oia. And while it is less crowded than other beaches, there are no services. Here lies the undersea volcano with the same name, which warms the waters of the gulf and is one the most active ones around Santorini. A 35 min drive from Aura Marina.
One of the most beautiful beaches of Santorini with its majestic cliffs, sculpted masterpieces of nature, carved by the waves in the pumice rock wall behind the beach. There is a beach bar with umbrellas and sunbeds, near the parking area. A 10 minutes drive from Aura Marina.
White Beach (Lefki Paralia)The White Beach is a suggestive small beach with black sand and white rocks. You can visit it only by boat that leaves regularly from the coast of Akrotiri (a few minutes drive from us) or as part of the local boat excursions.